Template, Template interface Ant Kitchen

Mobile friendly. Optimize site speed.
Integrated intelligent search feature: Enter keywords search box, the interface will suggest related products.
Provides search by Product Type, Brand, and Price on the homepage, making it easier for customers to find the product.
Display related products in the news, making it easier for stores to bring products to customers (see demo).
Subcategories are automatically displayed according to the category the parent is currently viewing. (See demo).
Display different promotion content for each product. (see demo)
Provide system store page. (see demo)
Designing and presenting multi-level products (Supporting 11 product floors, corresponding to 11 industries). Free upgrade to more categories if you need
Integrated product filter (see demo)
- Filter by brand, category, color, price, origin and by tag.
- Filter values ​​show neat, flexible for each category.
Product page
- Display 2 products / series on mobile.
- Integrated product evaluation application.
Easily change the font, colors, icons, images on the website components
Product catalog photos can be created as slides, helping to bring more information to customers.

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