Template, Template interface Ant Construction

Ant Construction interface is designed with a modern and simple style that makes a difference for the user experience, easy interaction between users and the website. Graphic images ...

Ant Construction interface is optimized for SEO, Responsive interface is optimized for display on all devices

Ant Construction is an SEO optimized web interface that helps your website rank first in Google, your products will reach more people.

With Responsive technology application will help you optimize the display, always making sure all images, layouts or internal blocks on your website are clearly displayed and compatible on all devices such as Destop, phones, tablet

The Google Rich Snippets integrated website helps you see the content of your information on search results in more detail for specific content categories.

In addition, Ant Construction still retains full functions such as payment, purchase, search ... to help customers quickly find products, quickly interact with purchases and pay products faster, saving time. for your customers when visiting the website.

1. Slider allows guests to freely change content

2. About Us, provides visual and vivid content and images that help you bring more information about your services to customers.

3. Our project module, provides 4 different tabs, you can customize the content display here.

4. Integrated Sapo Filter Version 2.0. Help to follow the product search more visually. In addition, we also provide you with the ability to customize the filter as you like, without interfering with the code

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