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Introducing the MobiJ Template

MobiJ is an interface designed with a youthful and simple style that still brings a professional and modern feel to stores selling items such as technology, fashion, family, ...

The modules are carefully selected, making it easy for customers to find the product they are looking for, while capturing information quickly and accurately.

The MobiJ interface has a simple setup configuration, which helps to optimize the display of information for products.

The salient features of MobiJ:

Product Quick View (Quickview) integration: This feature helps you quickly capture information about the product and choose to buy conveniently.

Convenient shopping cart: You can see all products added to the Shopping Cart at all screens.

Intuitive, beautiful product detail page: New design, updates the new trend of the detail page helps attract customers to stay longer with the store website.

Smart filter: Advanced features are integrated to help customers choose faster.

MobiJ interface suitable for any industry?

MobiJ interface is designed intelligently and conveniently with many different categories, especially those that require sophistication and ingenuity in color and layout.

MobiJ template is suitable for many industries such as:

Technology - Digital
Fashion - Jewelry
Food - Restaurant
Books and educational equipment

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