Template, Template interface Cocomart

If you are looking for a multi-sector business website interface with outstanding features such as: Outstanding design smart search engine, extremely fast loading speed, quick view feature, filters, etc.

Cocomart template is a beautifully designed and modern interface for websites in the form of supermarket for family furniture, buying and selling goods, technology accessories, baby items, ...

With bright colors and many outstanding features of a sales website, Cocomart will not make you think and choose to use for your business needs.


1. The theme is beautifully designed with many beautiful product blocks to help you comfortably display the aesthetics, strengths and bring a comprehensive view of multi-industry business website.

 2. The template is arranged with 3 beautiful product catalog blocks right in the middle of the page, highlighting the page so that customers can easily access the product catalog that they want to find.

- Products are set diverse according to shock prices or beautiful promotions attract customers.

- There is also a scroll menu block on the left that makes it easy for customers to quickly move to the blocks they want.

 3. Theme integrated smart search feature

- Help customers quickly find the product they are buying:
4. Quick view feature helps your customers can view product details quickly with just one click without having to access the product details.

5. Integrated features display newly purchased products: Sale Pop. Help increase the trust of customers when coming to your store

6. Smart filter feature can search quickly The brand or supplier you want to find helps customers find any product, even if your website has thousands of products.

7. The smart shopping cart page makes it easy to add or remove products.

8. Responsive technology application theme, template has an optimal display on all devices such as PCs, phones and tablets, product images displayed beautifully to customers.


1. Cocomart interface can be applied to many different industries. Ability to customize easily, flexibly, you can easily change colors, images and font sizes to suit each type of product.

2. Maximum SEO support theme for the website topping up Google and the integration of popular social networks such as Google+, Facebook, Instagram, .. helps increase thousands of hits.

3. Fast page loading speed, smooth navigation, easy to move.

4. The button "Go to top" utility saves time, increases user experience.

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