Template, Template interface Delta Kids

Introduction of Delta Kids

Sapo interface repository becomes richer with the participation of a children's toy interface from developer Delta Web. With this contribution, it contributes greatly to the lively choice of each customer.

The interface with the dominant red and black tones helps to highlight the website content, which is equally impressive with the first glance.

The continuous arrangement of product blocks helps to create a homogeneity of each category, products are clearly listed to help customers easily select and find the products on demand quickly.

The interface retains the necessary features such as fast shopping, smart shopping cart, product image zoom, lightbox ....

The interface is especially favored to suit customers who trade in dynamic young products, suitable for such industries as: Mini supermarket, toy market, fashion, educational equipment, electronics , technology, cosmetics ....

With many customizations to help customers easily customize changes such as: Banner, color, font, choices to use or not, help shop owners have a website like you want.

The interface is optimized code, fast response speed, optimal SEO helps climb top google easily.

In addition, the interface also offers a lot of other usefulness waiting for you to explore.

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