Template, Template interface Handmade Studio

1. Why is Handmade Studio selling theme suitable for business website of handbags, leather wallets?

The interface of Handmade Studio website has a harmonious and modern layout

The module blocks of the Handmade Studio fashion accessory sales website template are designed according to beautiful modern layout, deep colors bearing the typical look of the leather wallet business website. Besides, the impressive image slides at the top of the homepage help viewers enjoy and create a professional feeling for your store.

The "Services" and "About" Modules are prominently displayed on the top of the site

The module is located just below the slider block with a modern, harmonious design that briefly introduces the information services about your handmade handbag store.

The "Featured Products" and "New Arrivals" Modules block display with a large product group highlighting the center of the website

With a large product design, right in the center of the interface, the Handmade Studio sales web form focuses on highlighting useful information of products that viewers are interested in, making the website a great experience. more for customers.

The blog block of the page is designed in a novel and striking style and attracts viewers

A website is indispensable for news articles about product promotion information, tips, tips, etc., so the Handmade Studio sales web interface specifically dedicated a prominent block to the show. blog posts, making it easy for viewers to capture other product information.

Smart product filter feature

Smart filter feature of the interface of website selling handmade Fashion Studio designed horizontally helps every manipulation experience create a new user. Help shorten the process of finding products that customers want to find.

The product page interface is beautifully designed and impressive

Handmade Studio sales website theme is designed with vertical photo slides to bring a new look to the experience. Theme supports features such as image zoom, product reviews, recently viewed products ...

2. Beautiful Website Handmade Studio interface can apply for the following industries:

Just change the banner, text form, color and a little image, you can comfortably do business online in all industries and website interface Handmade Studio. However, this interface is still particularly suitable for the following industries:

Fashion accessories
Sport equipment
With the great advantages of the handmade Studio theme, we hope that this will be one of the great website interfaces for you to start selling online today.

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