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Troubleshooting when ordering goods at Delta Transport

How to search for products?
Because of shopping on Chinese websites, it is often difficult for you to find goods. Therefore, you can use the skills of searching products by keywords or using google translate to translate from Vietnamese into Chinese (simplified).

How to see goods like?
Visit the shopping website and choose the right type of item, you can choose by shop or by product you are interested in.

How is a reputable shop?
A reputable shop is a shop trusted by consumers based on 3 criteria: reliability, service attitude and delivery speed.

The prestige of the shop is arranged in order: heart

Shop with high reliability, the transaction has a higher success rate.

To see if the shop reviews are reputable or not, you can refer to customer comments when making a purchase, but you should not believe it completely because now the shops also play Pr tricks, The ad should be able to comment those are virtual comments.

Why is the shipping cost of many products to the shop lower than other shops?
If you buy in larger quantities, the shop will charge the wholesale price, so the one-time shipping fee for a shop will be lower when you "pick" the product in many shops. Thus, inevitably other shipping costs will be higher than the same shop despite having the same number of products.

Why should I buy multiple products in the same order?
To save on shipping costs, the more you purchase in bulk, the lower the costs. Please refer to our service charge here

Why do I need a 70% deposit when ordering?
This is one of the rules in the purchase and sale of Chinese shops.

What are Chinese domestic fees?
Delta Transport offices are located in many countries, so if you buy products at non-Delta stores, you will have to pay the local fees that the shop requires.

Why are there cases of fast and slow delivery?
Because the distance between the shops and the company's headquarters and the service activities of the shops in China are different, the case of fast-delivery and slow-moving shops.

When we return the goods we will proactively notify you, if due to objective factors we will also notify you.

Why is our exchange rate higher than the bank rate?
This free rate is calculated and balanced by the best balance between customer benefits and our operational benefits.

How will the airline not return or not guarantee the quality?
We will conduct complaints with the shop to ensure benefits for customers. If the airline does not return, we will refund 100% of the purchase price of the product to you.

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